Interesting Places to Visit in Louisiana

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Discover the little-known places to visit in Louisiana and you will enjoy a vacation that you will never forget. This is an area that has a little of everything and unique experiences that you cannot find anywhere else. Louisiana has many areas of interest from a historical aspect to the modern day.

If you have never had the pleasure of seeking out places to visit in Louisiana, you will want to see some of the local landscape – in particular – swamps. Since this area is known for the many swamps and creatures that live here, you can take the Cajun Critters Swamp Tour and ride aboard the Swamp Queen with a guide that knows the area. The boat is completely Coast Guard approved so there are no worries. The tour begins in the back waters of the area in Louisiana once home to only the critters, Indians and pirates who roamed the land. Discovering the beauty of the area – the numerous wildlife, the bayous and water lilies and the Spanish moss draped cypress trees – will be one trip you will always remember.

Take a trip to Vacherie and tour one of the most historic places to visit in Louisiana. The Laura Plantation is a Creole sugarcane farm that is chronicled through the Memories of the Old Plantation Home by Laura Locoul Gore. Starting with the home, Maison Principale, constructed in 1805, the tour will take you on to the grounds of the plantation where 12 buildings are located. The buildings are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A visit to a slave cabin concludes the tour. It is said one of these cabins is where the legend of Br’er Rabbit was documented.

Take a voodoo cemetery tour when finding places to visit in Louisiana. The Saint Louis Cemetery is the home of Marie Laveau. Have you heard the legend of the voodoo queen? When touring you can find a guide if you choose. There are many that are quite knowledgeable about the history of the area. There are other cemetery and voodoo tours in New Orleans as well.

Avery Island is one of the interesting places to visit in Louisiana. The island is actually a huge salt dome. Located in Iberia Parish, Louisiana, the island has a small number of people who live there. In addition to the odd make-up of the island, it is also the home of Tabasco Sauce and has been since the late 1800s when Edmund McIlhenny received a patent for his sauce.


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